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Travel Fun Facts


Cruise Travel

Photo of Adventure of the Seas, a Royal Caribbean International shipCruiseship

About 10 million people in the world go on a cruise vacation every year. 15% of Americans have been on a cruise ship at least once.

Large cruise ships generate over 200,000 gallons of sewage and 8 tons of solid waste every week.

Carnival Cruise Line has 22 ships.

Royal Caribbean International Cruise Line has 21 ships.

Disney Cruise Line® has 2 ships.

Disney Cruise Line® Food Consumption Fun Facts

The following facts are from the Disney Cruise Line® website.

• Disney Cruise Line serves an average of 8,260 cups of coffee every day.

• Guests consume about 5,000 eggs every morning. The following is a breakdown of the use of these eggs: 1,956 are scrambled, 552 are served sunny side up, 480 are eaten soft-boiled, 984 are used in omelets, and 976 are made into other dishes.

• Guests daily consume 1,150 pounds of bananas, 462 cups of strawberry yogurt, 1,000 baked potatoes, and 2,000 steaks.

Royal Caribbean International Largest Ships

Freedom of the Seas is This Royal Caribbean International second largest ship. It has a 3,634 double occupancy capacity. Its gross Tonnage is 160,000. Its length is 1,112 feet. Its cruising speed is 21.6 knots.

Oasis of the Seas is This Royal Caribbean International largest and newest ship. It has a 5,400 double-occupancy capacity. Its gross tonnage is 220,000. Its length is 1,184'. Its cruising speed is 22 knots.

Death and Travel

The chance for the average American traveler, in the course of a lifetime, to die in an airplane crash is 1/5,552. The chance to die in a car accident is 1/247 (The New York Times, 2008).

Airline Delays

US Transportation Secretary Mary Peters said that flight delays cost the US economy $15 billion in 2006.

In 2007, over 1.6 million passengers were delayed at least 15 minutes—a total time of 170 years (The Washington Post, 2008).

Travel and Tourism Industry

In the United States, travel and tourism is a $1.6 trillion industry (or $1,600,000,000,000).

Travel and tourism industry in the US generates 7 to 8 million jobs.

The following travel facts are from the Office of Travel and Tourism Industries' website,

The top 10 countries that generated travel to the United States in 2007 are as follows:

Country Number of Arrivals
1. Canada17,735,000
2. Mexico15,089,000
3. United Kingdom4,497,858
4. Japan3,531,489
5. Germany1,524,151
6. France997,506
7. South Korea806,175
8. Australia669,536
9. Brazil639,431
10. Italy634,152


The top 10 countries visited by United States resident travelers in 1999 and 2000 are as follows:

Country Number of Travelers in 2000 Number of Travelers in 1999
1. Mexico18,84917,743
2. Canada15,11415,180
3. United Kingdom4,1894,129
4. France2,9272,728
5. Germany2,3091,966
6. Italy2,1481,893
7. Japan1,2621,254
7. Spain1,262909
8. Netherlands1,1011,032
9. Switzerland994787
10. Bahamas9131,254