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★ Miscellaneous Sports Fun Facts

Phillies logo

Winner of the Greatest Loser Award

Philadelphia Phillies were the first American sports team to lose their 10,000th game. In 2007, Ryan Howard struck out and ended the game marking the team’s 10,000th loss—Philadelphia fans cheered in celebration of this historical moment.



Ohio State cheerleader

Most Dangerous High School and College Sport

There are more head and spinal injuries from cheerleading than from all other high school and college sports combined (New York Times).

According to, there are about 16,000 serious injuries from cheerleaders performing stunts and tumbles. Even though most common injuries are strains and sprains (52% of injuries), cheerleading injuries extend beyond sprains to include concussions, fractures, and more.

According to Pediatrics, the number of cheerleaders between the ages of 5 and 18 visiting emergency rooms increased 110% in a twelve-year period (from 1990 to 2002).

Historic Photo Below: University of Wyoming cheerleaders, Colorado Historical Society, photo by Harry M. Rhoads, around 1915.University of Wyoming cheerleaders

★ Bizarre Sports Stories

Tooth in Head

Australian rugby player Ben Czislowski felt the need to get medical help when his four-month headache was not going away. The doctor found an opponent’s tooth in Ben’s forehead.

Dead for a Goal

On March 16, 2009, in Hilla, about 60 miles south of Baghdad, two local teams in Iraq were playing a heated game of soccer. Toward the end of the game, a fan shot dead a player of the opposing team who was about to score a goal (

Hawaiian Hazing

In 1999, at Kalaheo High School, in Kalaheo, Hawaii, the girl’s soccer team made the new freshmen members run around the football field in their undergarments. The school suspended two coaches for the season (

★ Sports and Money

The following sports and money facts are from the



Top-Earning Male Athletes


Tiger Woods is still the top-earning athlete in the world; his income now is mainly from Nike and Electronics Art!Tiger Woods



The top 10 earners among male athletes during the period of May 1, 2010 to May 1, 2011, are as follows:

Name Sport Amount Earned
1. Tiger WoodsGolf $75 million
2. Kobe Bryant Basketball $53 million
3. LeBron JamesBasketball $48 million
4. Roger Federer Tennis $47 million
5.Phil Mickelson Golf $46.5 million
6. David Beckham Soccer $40 million
7. Cristiano Ronaldo Soccer$38 milloion
8. Alex Rodriguez Baseball $35 million
9. Michael SchumacherAuto Racing $34 million
10. Lionel Messi Soccer $32.3 million



Top-Earning Female Athletes


Danica Patrick: The IndyCar Most Popular Driver Award (2005-07)!Danica Patrick



The top 10 earners among female athletes during the period of July 1, 2010 to July 1, 2011, are as follows:

Name Sport Amount Earned
1. Maria SharapovaTennis $25 million
2. Caroline WozniackiTennis $12.5 million
3. Danica Patrick Auto Racing $12 million
4. Venus WilliamsTennis $11.5 million
5. Kim Clijsters Tennis $11 million
6. Serena Williams Tennis $10.5 million
7. Kim Yu-na Ice Skating$10 milloion
8. Li Na Tennis $8 million
9. Ana IvanovicTennis $6 million
10. Paula Creamer Golf $5.5 million



Action Sports

The top 10 earners in action sports (snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing, BMX, etc.) during 2008 are as follows:

Name Action Sport Amount Earned in 2008
1. Tony Hawk Skateboarding$12 million
2. Shaun WhiteSkateboarding / Snowboarding$9 million
3. Ryan ShecklerSkateboarding$5 million
4. Travis PastranaFreestyle Motocross/Rally$3 million
5. Kelly SlaterSurfing$3 million
6. Laird HamiltonSurfing$2.5 million
7. Paul RodriguezSkateboarding$2 milloion
8. Danny KassSnowboarding$1 million
9. Dave MirraBMX$1 million
10. Travis RiceSnowboarding$1 million



NFL Teams and Their Worth

The following are the NFL teams that are worth more than $1 billion. As of 2009, there are 19 football teams worth more than $1 billion.

NFL Team Worth
1. Dallas Cowboys$1.6 billion
2. Washington Redskins$1.5 billion
3. New England Patriots$1.3 billion
4. New York Giants$1.2 billion
5. New York Jets$1.2 billion
6. Houston Texans$1.1 billion
7. Philadelphia Eagles$1.1 billion
8. Indianapolis Colts$1.1 billion
9. Chicago Bears$1.1 billion
10. Baltimore Ravens$1.1 billion
11. Denver Broncos$1.1 billion
12. Tampa Bay Buccaneers$1.1 billion
13. Miami Dolphins$1 billion
14. Carolina Panthers$1 billion
15. Cleveland Browns$1 billion
16. Green Bay Packers$1 billion
17. Kansas City Chiefs$1 billion
18. Pittsburgh Steelers$1 billion
19. Seattle Seahawks$1 billion

The World's Most Expensive Team

Manchester United, England's soccer team, is the sport's team that is worth the most in the world today. The team's value is $1.8 billion.