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Snake Fun Facts

Out of about 3,000 species of snakes, only about 350 have venom that is dangerous to humans.

Snakes are the deadliest animal on earth, killing over 100,000 people each year.

Some snakes can reach a length of about 36 feet (11 meters).

Garter Snake

Snake Senses

Snakes smell with their tongue. Smell is their strong sense.

The snake’s forked tongue allows the snake to know the direction of the smell.

Snakes are deaf—but they can sense sound vibrations.

Snakes have poor eyesight.


Snakes do not chew; they swallow their prey as a whole (frogs, rats, birds, etc.).

Snakes use their front fangs to hold (not chew) their prey.

The upper and bottom jaws of a snake are not connected, enabling the snake’s mouth to be flexible enough to open wide and swallow large prey. A snake can swallow prey that is 4 times the width of its head.


Some snake species reproduce by laying eggs; others reproduce by keeping fertilized eggs inside them and delivering the baby snakes after the eggs hatch within the body.

Black-tailed Rattlesnake

Snake Venom

A venomous snake usually has a broader head that bulges out behind the eyes where the snake stores its venom (See photo to the right: a black-tailed rattlesnake's head. Scroll down for a full photo of a black-tailed rattlesnake). Venomous snakes store their venom in glands located next to each eye.

Snake venom is made out of a variety of enzymes and proteins.

Most snakes spread their venoms through biting. However, a few, such as cobras, can spit their venom at a target about 5-7 feet away. Snake venom does not hurt the skin—its poison could hurt eyes or open wounds.

Snake Species and Photos

Milk SnakeMilk Snake

Coral SnakeCoral Snake

Indigo SnakeIndigo Snake

Plains Black-headed SnakePlains Black-headed Snake

Corn SnakeCorn Snake

Western Hognose SnakeWestern Hognose Snake


Copperhead Snake Copperhead Snake

Copperhead Snake Head of a Copperhead Snake

Sothern Water SnakeSothern Water Snake

Northern Water SnakeNorthern Water Snake


Black-tailed RattlesnakeBlack-tailed Rattlesnake

Pigmy RattlesnakePigmy Rattlesnake

Diamondback RattlesnakeDiamondback Rattlesnake

Prairie RattlesnakePrairie Rattlesnake