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Fox Fun Facts

Arctic FoxArctic Fox

Arctic Fox

Made to survive the cold: an arctic fox has furry paws, dense coat, fluffy tail, and short ears and muzzle—all these features give the arctic fox the ability to adapt to temperatures that are negative 50˚F or lower.

Camouflage: the arctic fox is white during winter; however, its fur color changes to brownish or grayish during summer—a feature that makes the fox camouflaged for the season.

Arctic foxes live up to six years in the wild.

Arctic foxes are smaller than red foxes. They weigh 6-15 lbs.

Strong family bond: both male and female care for their young—arctic foxes mate for life!

Red Fox

The red fox is known for its slyness and shrewdness.

In the wild, its life span is not more than 4 years.

It weighs 10-25 lbs.

Both male and female care for their young pups.

Red FoxRed Fox