Duck Fun Facts


Drakes are male ducks.

Hens are female ducks.

Ducklings are baby ducks.

Long Term Relationship:

Female Mandarin ducks choose their mates; Mandarin ducks also have a strong mate bond that often lasts for more than one mating season.

Airplanes in America collide with an average of 100 ducks a year (according to federal records).

Courtesy of www.pdphoto.orgDuck

Ducks and Swimming

Ducks swim well because of their webbed feet.

The Duck’s oil-producing gland makes the duck’s feathers water proof.

Ducks' feet can't feel cold: Ducks are comfortable walking on ice and swimming in icy water because their feet have no nerves or blood vessels making the duck unable to feel cold.

Ducks and Flying

Mallard ducks, the most common wild ducks in the US, can fly nearly vertically out of the water reaching a height of about 30 feet before flying horizontally.

During molting season, ducks lose feathers and can’t fly for about a month.

A Duckling. Courtesy of Duckling