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Cricket Fun Facts

Photo by ArpingstoneAfrican crickets

Crickets’ ears are located on the knees of their front legs.

Crickets can see different directions at the same time.

Crickets in the wild have a life span of less than a year.


Female crickets do not chirp.

A male generates the chirp sound when he raises his left forewing and rubs it against the upper edge of his right forewing.

Can you tell the temparature by counting a cricket's chirps?

Yes! The higher the temperature the more chirps a minute a cricket generates. When the temperature is 52 Fahrenheit, crickets chirp about 60 times a minute.

You can predict the temperature by counting the number of chirps: follow the following equation:

The number of chirps in 15 seconds + 37 = the temperature in Fahrenheit.

Types of Chirping

Love's in the Air! There are two romantic songs of a male Cricket: a calling song (the louder one) is when the male is trying to attract females and repel males; a courting song is when the female is nearby and the romance has begun!

Besides the romantic chirps, the other two chirps of a cricket are the following: when two males aggressively encounter each other and when the cricket is sensing danger.

Cricket Chirping Video

Check out this youtube video of cricket chirping. Observe how this male cricket generates the chirping sound with its wings.