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Chimpanzee Fun Facts


Chimps and humans share about 98% of their gene.

Female chimps weigh about 100 pounds, males about 150.

Chimps are 7 times stronger than men.

Chimpanzees live in communities of up to 150 members. Usually there is a male leader.

Chimps live about 50-60 years.

A Certain Level of Inteligence

Chimps use tools: a rock to crack a nut, a twig to fan flies away, a stick to dig mounds of termites and ants.

Gender Difference

Girl chimpanzees learn much faster than boy chimpanzees. At Gombe National Park, Tanzania, researchers watched mother chimpanzees as they taught their offspring how to fish for termites. Girls were able to fish around age 2 and ½. Boys, who wasted time playing, did not learn until past age 4.