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Chicken Fun Facts


Headless Chicken: Myth or Fact?

Fact: yes, this is a fact; a chicken can live without its head!

As a matter of fact, one chicken was kept alive for eighteen months without its head–this is the longest documented incident of its kind. However, there are some unofficial stories of chickens living for up to three years without their heads.

Scientific explanation: as long as the executer does not damage the chicken’s brain stem, the chicken can continue to live for a short while without its head.

Bird Flu and Chicken Slaughter

To stop the spread of flu, sometimes it is necessary to kill hundreds of thousands of chickens. One method used is to put the birds in rooms and pump carbon dioxide or nitrogen. Another method used is, after hanging the chickens upside down, to submerge their heads in electrified water (


Other Chicken Fun Facts

There are more chickens living on earth than people.

Chickens can run at a speed of 9 mph.

In the chicken capital of the world, Gainesville, Georgia, it is illegal to eat chicken with a fork.

A hen can lay about 300 eggs each year.

So that the yoke does not stick to the egg shell, a mother hen turns it egg about 50 times each day.