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Camel Fun Facts



camels can go for two months without water and can run for hours without stopping.

A camel’s kidney plays a part in helping the camel go for a long time without water: it concentrates the urine—some camel urine could be as thick as honey.

Camels can avoid perspiring by raising their body temperatures a few degrees, and thus preserving their fluid.


Other Physical Features

The camel’s thin legs are strong enough to carry not only its body weight (which could be over 1,500 pounds), but also loads of cargo weighing 500 to 1,000 pounds.

A camel stomach is made up of 3 compartments.

Camels have straight spines, despite their humps.

A camel has two toes and a pad on each foot. These leathery pads spread as the camel walks on the desert sand, making it easier to walk on soft sand without sinking.