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Bizarre Incidents

The following incidents have been researched for accuracy. These are NOT tabloid stories.


A Blind Man Protested His Gun-Permit Denial

Not for the blind!M-9 Pistol

Carcey McWilliams, a 33-year old blind man, was refused a gun permit in Clay County, Minnesota. Sheriff Bill Bergquist defended his decision to reject McWilliams’s application by saying, “I had to sign something saying that he could ‘safely’ whatever.” McWilliams already has permits from North Dakota and Utah. He claims to aim based on “sound, gravity, body position” rather than sight.

No to $4 Million


In September 2007, a 70-year old German man did not accept the equivalence of about $4 million American dollars that he won playing the lottery. The man from Hameln, Lower Saxony, Germany, said he has no use for the money and has no children or other relatives to leave them the money, and therefore he will not accept his lottery money.

Must Wear Underwear!

Must wear, but can't show!underwear

North of Tampa, in Brooksville, Florida, city employees are required to wear underwear and deodorant to work. In June 2009, the Brooksville City Council approved the new law 4-1. The law includes a ban on body piercing (except for ears), exposed underwear, and sexually provocative clothing.

999,999+ Odometer Miles

1991 Chevrolet Silverado1991 Chevrolet Silverado truck

Frank Oresnik from Gresham, Winsconsin, drove his 1991 Chevrolet Silverado truck over 1 million miles. Oresnik delivers seafood and steak in the Midwest. He estimates that he has changed oil over 300 times.

A High School Teacher Who Could NOT Read

The Teacher Who Couldn't Read

"I'm a university graduate with a bachelor's degree in education and business administration and over 90 additional graduate units. I attended school for 35 years, half of them as a professional educator. In acquiring these experiences, I could not read a textbook or write the answer to an essay question. This is the first public acknowledgment that I have ever made, that I have been a functional illiterate for almost 50 years.”

John Corcoran, October 1987



Yes, indeed, John Corcoran with a second grade reading level finished high school and attended the University of Texas at El Paso. Surprisingly, in 1961, while still illiterate he received a bachelor’s degree in education and business administration—thanks to his cheating talent.

However, his illiterate deception did not stop with a college degree; he taught high school for 17 years, without being able to read. In the 1980s, he finally learned how to read. Today, John Corcoran is an author and a literacy advocate. The following are his two books: The Bridge to Literacy: No Child—or Adult—Left Behind , and The Teacher Who Couldn't Read: One Man's Triumph Over Illiteracy.

10,000 Abusive Text Messages in 2 Months

Timothy Mortimore, 37 years old, took his ex-girlfriend Lee Amor, 23, to court for a restraining order to stop her communication attempts with Mortimore (who had acquired a new girlfriend). During the 2-month period, Lee Amor was sending an average of one text message every eight minutes.

Victoria's Secret Bra-Rash Law Suit Failed

Angels Secret Embrace bra

Roberta Ritter, a 37-year old woman from Ohio, claimed that a Victoria’s Secret bra she has purchased caused her an itchy, painful rash with welts and burns. The law suit specifically targeted two of Victoria’s Secret bras: Angels Secret Embrace bra and a Very Sexy push-up bra (both are made in China with a retail price for over $40).

However, lab testing proved that the bras are safe and are formaldehyde-free. Ritter withdrew her lawsuit on April 22, 2009.

A Politician Urinating in Public

Steven LipskiSteven Lipski

Steven Lipski, a Jersey City, New Jersey, councilman, urinated publically from a balcony of a Washington DC nightclub on people below. Lipski was attending a Greatful Dead tribute concert and was drunk. The incident took place Saturday night, November 8, 2008. The police arrested the 44-year-old Lipski and charged him with simple assault.

A Human Finger for Love


In June, 2006, a 32-year old woman from Corpus Christi, Texas, received a letter from her ex-boyfriend in which he enclosed his severed finger with a note, “This is my last chance to touch you.” Police Captain John Houston says the finger was cleanly cut.

It Pays to Have Weak Vision

Bobby Guffey, an Indiana father, plays lottery selecting numbers based on the birthdays of his children. But in August 2008, he purchased a ticket and, not having his glasses on, marked the wrong numbers (48, instead of 46)—a mistake that won him $3 million.

Marital Conflict

In Mexico a fight between a husband and his wife became intense that it produced the following actions by both parties: throwing knives at each other, shooting each other with guns, and making gasoline bombs. Both were taken to hospitals to be treated. They were placed in two separate hospitals.

Chain Reaction


In China, 443 chickens trampled each other to death being scared of a shrieking four-year old boy, who was shrieking being scared of a barking dog.

A Moose and a Power Line

In Alaska, a 1,200-pound bull moose was seen hanging on a power line by his antlers 50 feet above ground. Explanation: power workers were pulling new power lines; the unfortunate moose saw the line moving on the ground and attacked it. The 5,000-pound pressure line had no trouble lifting the 1,200-pound moose. No one was present at the location of the incident during the time of the incident. The moose had to be put to sleep, and its meat was donated to local residents.

Photo from cityelectricinc.comMoose caught by power line

Penalty for Yawning

Superior Court Judge Craig Veals fined a juror in Las Angeles $1,000 for loudly and offensively yawning in court. The juror complained about being very bored. Later the judge reduced the fine to $100 and sent the juror home.


Jaeyaena Beuraheng, a Thai woman from Narathiwat, Thailand, lost her town and family for 25 years. She crossed the border to Malaysia to shop. Returning home, she got on the wrong bus and ended up taking more wrong busses that eventually placed her in Chiang Mai, about 750 miles from home. Not knowing the language there and being unable to figure out how to return, she lived in a homeless shelter for 25 years. Students from her hometown were visiting the homeless shelter, met Jaeyaena Beuraheng, and were able to communicate with her. After 25 years, she was joyfully reunited with her 7 children and other family members who had thought her to be dead.

He'll Be Back in 200 Years


David Pizer, a resort owner in Arizona, left himself about 10 million dollars, hoping that scientists in a century or two might be able to bring his dead cryogenically frozen body back to life (The Wall Street Journal).

"I Am Not Dead"

Josephine Miskowitz was informed at the social security office that she was dead. She stopped receiving her social security checks. She had to fill out a form to convince the social security administration that she was still alive.

Human Excrement Saves the Life of a Chinese Woman

A woman in China survived a sixth-story plunge off her apartment balcony. She landed in a pile of excrement. Workers were cleaning a septic tank.

A Google Search Record


The longest google search lasted for 3 days, though it was not an e-search, for once. In 2007, a 3-foot python snake escaped and was lost in the google Manhattan offices. It was caught 3 days later.

No Screaming Allowed


Nearby residents complained about screaming noises that went on all day from the new roller coaster called Scandia Screamer. Amusement park officials agreed to ban screaming and instructed riders not to scream while riding the Scandia Screamer.

Lost Parakeet


In Morioka City, Japan, a lost parakeet was able to speak its address and be reunited with its 84-year-old owner.

A Bond Stronger Than Blood

In Argentina, two couples had their babies mistakenly swopped in the hospital. Six years later the mistake was discovered, but the couples decided to keep the child they have been raising for six years.

Bliss at McDonald's Drive Thru


Even a limousine for the newly weds!McDonalds delivery

A McDonald’s drive thru wedding: a Pennsylvania couple got married in a McDonald's drive thru, the same place they had met four years earlier.

Can't Drink and Drive a Lawnmower

A man in Missouri was arrested for driving his riding lawnmower on Highway 40 while drunk. He did not have a driver’s license since it was revoked for drunken driving before the riding-lawnmower incident.

Death by Video Games

This could kill you!Game pad

A 28-year-old man from South Korea died while playing video games. He had been playing for 50 hours.